How to Get a Phone Number for Free – For Text and Calls

How to Get a Phone Number for Free – For Text and Calls

It’s hard to imagine a successful modern-day individual without a phone. From staying connected to family and friends to surfing the internet for job opportunities and more, phones have become a huge part of our lives. That said, having a phone comes with additional expenses, not to mention people can invade your privacy if they have access to your phone number.

Whether you’re looking to save costs on phone bills or keep your personal phone number private, getting an easily disposable and free second phone number is a great option. Stick around as we show you how to get a phone number for free.

Google Voice

Do you have a Google account? Perhaps you use a Gmail address or have a YouTube account. If yes, you already have what it takes to get a free phone number for free calls and text messages using Google Voice.

Google Voice is a phone service providing US-based free phone numbers for Google account users in the US and Canada and Google Workspace clients in the UK, France, Denmark, Switzerland, and a few other international destinations.

Calls, text messages, voicemails, and video calling services are free for residents in the US and Canada. Calls to international destinations are charged at lesser rates than regular mobile carriers.

Don’t want unwanted calls? Simply block numbers you don’t wish to hear from. Plus, you can use the Google Voice free voicemail transcription service to read your voicemail messages or forward them to your email.

The free service is available for Android and iPhone smartphones and can be accessed via the web.


Looking for a completely free second number for free text and calls? TextMe is a fantastic option to consider.

The messaging app provides free burner numbers for anonymous calls and texts to phones in the US, Canada, and about 40 other countries. All calls, text messages, picture messages, and video messages are completely free and unlimited.

TextMe is available on Play Store and App Store, so you can download it free on your Android or Apple devices. Plus, you can get multiple phone numbers (including international numbers) for free, allowing you to effectively manage different parts of your life by keeping them separate.


Sign up for the Dingtone app and get free multiple phone numbers that allow you to send unlimited text messages and make Wi-Fi calls at no charge. The app provides instant text messaging and voice calls for iOS and Android users in the US and Canada.

Dingtone provides enhanced features like call forwarding, voicemail, and call blocking, making it great for both personal and business communications.


TextFree is a free app that allows users to stay in touch with friends and loved ones through unlimited text messages and VoIP calls over the internet. It also allows users to choose a phone number for free.

The app is available for iOS, Android, and web users. You don’t have to pay for text or calls because TextFree is supported by ads. However, you can upgrade to a paid version if you prefer an ad-free version with enhanced features.

Here’s how to get a phone number for free with the TextFree app:

  1. Head over to Play Store, App Store, or your browser
  2. Download the app for free
  3. Next, search through area codes and choose your preferred phone number
  4. Lastly, start calling and texting

Keep in mind that texts are completely free, but you need to earn free minutes for calls or simply buy them at affordable rates.


Founded in 2009, TextNow is an end-to-end phone service app that allows users to send and receive text messages for free and make free calls over Wi-Fi. With TextNow, you get a free second phone number for calls within the US and Canada.

Like other free text messaging and calling apps, you can choose a number from your preferred area code when you sign up for this service. However, with TextNow, you can add a SIM card, convert your second number to a primary phone number, and never pay a bill for texting and calling again.

The best part? You can port your phone number to TextNow for free, and the SIM card connects you to the nation’s fastest and largest networks.


Available for Android and iPhone users, FreeTone is another app that gives you a real phone number to call and text anyone in the US and Canada for absolutely free. You don’t have to earn credits or complete tasks to enjoy the service.

Think of FreeTone as an instant-messaging platform, only this one uses real phone numbers rather than nicknames or usernames. Downloading and setting up the app is a breeze; plus, you can choose your preferred area code for your second number.

Besides free SMS, you can send pictures, videos, and voice notes to anyone in the US and Canada.


Text+ gives you a real US cell phone number for free, and like other options on this list, you get to pick your preferred area code. The service is completely free when you call or text message anyone in the US or Canada.

While Text+ allows you to call anyone in any part of the world, you will be charged for international calls. The good news is that international calls are only charged at two cents per minute.

Here’s how to get a phone number for free with Text+:

  • Download the app from Google Play or iTunes
  • Start texting or calling

It’s that simple!


Last on our list is TalkU, the mobile app that can transform your Android or iPhone smartphone into a walkie-talkie. The app provides free text messaging and calls with superior voice clarity over high-quality VoIP in over 200 countries.

While you may not have the option to choose a cell phone number, TalkU assigns one or multiple real US phone numbers that work exactly the same as regular numbers on America’s largest networks.

You can call or text message people who don’t use TalkU. Keep in mind that an international call and text message to non-TextU users are charged at very low rates. However, you can complete simple tasks like watching commercials or completing offers to earn TalkU credits for each international phone call.


Knowing how to get a free number can come in handy when you need a temporary second line to shield you from scammers. It also helps cut down your cell phone bill, especially if you do lots of picture and video messaging.

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