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Assurance Free Phones – How to Qualify & Apply

Looking to qualify and apply for Assurance free phones? This post is for you! Eligible consumers can get free phones through government-approved service providers like Assurance Wireless. Service providers are telecommunication companies that help low-income individuals and households get phones and cell phone service free of charge. Typically, you

Lifeline Mobile For Low-Income Consumers – What Do You Get?

Staying connected is essential to modern life. Unfortunately, not all Americans can afford phone and internet bills. From people who have suffered economic loss and victims of natural disasters to veterans and their survivors, as well as seniors on fixed incomes ― there is a long list of those

Free Phones Through a Government Program – Do You Qualify?

The Lifeline Assistance program has already offered millions of free phones to qualified consumers across the country. The program was created by the FCC to enable low income Americans to communicate with medical professionals, children, parents, and employers. The program set forth to help low income earners seek out