How to Withdraw Cash From EBT Card- What Do You Need?

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How to Withdraw Cash From EBT Card- What Do You Need?

The government provides an EBT card and enables eligible households and individuals to obtain food stamps and EBT cash benefits. There are two forms of EBT cards. One focuses on just food benefits via SNAP, while the other includes cash benefits.

A SNAP benefit recipient can withdraw cash from an EBT card that offers food and cash benefits. You, unfortunately, cannot withdraw cash from a food benefits-focused EBT card.

If you are reading this, you are likely stumped about something that has other EBT recipients confused: how to withdraw cash. The simple fact is not every ATM works with EBT cards. Nevertheless, you still have many options to select from when trying to withdraw cash.

You should note that the regulations governing EBT and cash withdrawal can differ from one state to another, so you must study your resident state’s policies. Certain states have a cash withdrawal limit, while others have no such restriction.

In this article, you will discover how to withdraw cash from EBT card. Let’s begin!

How to Withdraw Cash From EBT Card

While withdrawing cash from an EBT card is quite simple in theory; however, in reality, it can be difficult. This is because you can’t use an EBT card at every ATM. Nevertheless, when trying to figure out how to withdraw cash from EBT card, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. You first need to find an ATM that processes EBT cards. You can find these types of ATMs at credit unions, banks, and grocery stores
  2. Once you locate one, you can insert your EBT card and enter your PIN (personal identification number).
  3. You will be asked to select an action from a menu, choose “withdraw cash,” and choose the amount you want to withdraw. After pressing enter, you should get your cash.

One thing to notice with the withdrawal process is that it is quite similar to using a typical debit or credit card—a major difference being that you cannot use an EBT card with every ATM.

As highlighted earlier, it is only possible to withdraw cash from your EBT card if you receive TANF cash benefits. If you only have SNAP benefits, you will be unable to access the cash. Furthermore, if you have both TANF cash benefits and SNAP food assistance benefits, you can only withdraw cash from your TANF benefits balance.

How to Withdraw Cash From EBT Card: Other Ways

If you cannot withdraw cash from an ATM using your EBT card, there are other ways you can do so.

Bank Withdrawal

For one, you could head to the bank to request a withdrawal. To do this, you must present your EBT and ID card to the teller.

Smartphone Apps

You can also withdraw from your EBT card directly using several smartphone applications. For instance, you can link your EBT card to the Cash App and withdraw any amount at a participating merchant.

Green Dot

This is another way you can withdraw cash using your EBT card. Green Dot provides prepaid debit cards and also has an option specially made for government beneficiaries.

The program enables you to load cash onto your card at authorized shops and withdraw said cash at any ATM. The great thing about this is that you don’t require a bank card; all you have to do is apply for a Green Dot Card at any approved shop.


Additionally, you can use cashback services at authorized grocery stores. This is done by heading to the customer service desk to request cash back. This process is akin to an ATM withdrawal. You should note that this service isn’t available at every store, so you might need to research ahead of time.

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EBT Cash Benefits

An EBT card can be a great way to get food and cash benefits from the government. You can use food stamps to purchase groceries at authorized stores. You can also withdraw cash from certain ATMs.

Before going any further, you should understand that you can only withdraw cash from EBT cards that receive TANF benefits. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is a government program that offers financial assistance to eligible households.

The program has been created to enable families to become self-sufficient. Recipients can use temporary TANF benefits for expenses such as paying utility bills or rent.

How to Withdraw Cash From EBT Card: Conclusion

You should note that you can only use your EBT card for approved expenses. This means you cannot purchase tobacco or alcohol. You also cannot use your EBT card cash benefit for gambling, as unauthorized purchases would result in criminal charges. It could also mean that your benefits get terminated.

There are various methods to withdraw your cash using an EBT card. You can choose the simplest way, via an ATM, just as a typical credit or debit card.

You could also choose to link your EBT card to a smartphone app. Nevertheless, you should note that the government might limit how much you can take out each day; however, this depends on your state of residence’s policies.