Housing Assistance Programs

Housing Assistance Programs

Things happen, and we all face budget limitations. It could be a temporary setback, or it could be a long term change in your personal financial budgeting realities. When these things happen, it is wise to start making adjustments to your lifestyle and expenses to be supported by your new income realities. However, those facing budget limitation can still find a variety of housing assistance programs to expand their options for both budgeting and home choice, if they know where to look.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is one of the nation’s largest providers of these programs in the country at www.hud.gov. For those looking to find solutions to their residential needs, hud housing provides a variety of solutions to consider.

Privately Owned Subsidized Housing

Through the privately owned subsidized housing program, apartment and housing locations that are privately owned can apply to provide a solution to their low income applicants by applying a government subsidy to the cost of the rent of a unit, thereby lowering the out of pocket cost of those that wish to reside there. This is a good solution to those owners that find themselves in an demographic area that is facing economic hardship, allowing them to provide quality housing to residents and profit with their own budgeting realities.

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

Another option for private purveyors of housing solutions in a depressed market is the popular Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8). However, unlike the Privately Owned Subsidized option, this program gives the power of personal preference to the residents of the type and location of housing to be covered, whether that solution be a single-family home, townhouse, or apartment complex. An applicant that applies and is approved for this program has the ability to take their approved voucher and use it to subsidize the rent of participating housing providers, giving choice to the residents and a guarantee to the provider that rent will be paid on time.

Those that participate in the housing choice program can take comfort in knowing that any housing provider that is accepted in the program must provide solutions that are not only within the normally accepted housing codes of an area but the HUD’s own standards of housing to meet their health and safety expectations.

Public Housing

However, sometimes the economic realities of a community become such that the government needs to not only provide assistance to the privately owned housing provider but to become the provider themselves. When this happens, the housing provided is called “”public housing”” and allows HUD housing to have more control over not only the associated costs but quality of services provided to those that take advantage of the housing solutions that give those getting back on their feet a firm foundation from which to stand.

Realities to Consider

However, one factor that must be considered in choosing one of the above options is how quickly that the housing solution must be required. There will be a wait time associated with each option. In general, those options that are subsidized take longer than public housing, and the choice program comes with the longest wait time, due to the popularity of those that desire to take advantage of its benefits.

The other reality to keep in mind that each program has a separate set of income limitations for those that wish to participate. Those in desperate need have a greater variety of qualified options, even though they may have to wait longer for some of them. Those with less economic need will find they qualify for less housing solutions. However, those with true economic need can find something available to not only help them with their challenge but expand their options.

Other Resources

However, the diverse collection of solutions that the government can provide does not end with these options. At Benefits.gov, you can find more information about solutions and promotions that are provided for energy efficiency, mortgage protections, disaster recovery, home ownership, and more. If you have to fall in specific protected groups, such as Veterans or Native Americans, there are other solutions that are provided, as well as those suffering AIDS or disabilities.


It can be scary to wake up one day and find that the income upon which you rely has become limited in the midst of very fixed economic realities that must be met. For those looking for a solution to their fixed housing needs, HUD’s housing assistance programs can be a great comfort. Visit www.hud.gov for more information for how these programs can be the solution to your current realities and to allow you to not only reside in economic safety but establish your own path to your own long term housing goals.