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Do You Qualify for a Safelink Wireless Phone?

Safelink Wireless is the largest and oldest provider of free government phones in existence today. With Safelink Wireless, you can obtain a free phone in addition to 350 minutes of talking time per month and unlimited text messaging. As an eligible participant, you can receive a phone with minutes

Free Phones Through a Government Program – Do You Qualify?

The Lifeline Assistance program has already offered millions of free phones to qualified consumers across the country. The program was created by the FCC to enable low income Americans to communicate with medical professionals, children, parents, and employers. The program set forth to help low income earners seek out

Getting a Free Smartphone is Easier Than You Thought

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If you earn a low income or participate in a government assistance program, then getting a free smartphone is easy. There are many different wireless providers that offer smartphones to needy Americans, but this can vary from state to state. Many residents question whether or not they are able

4 Easy Steps to Get a Free Cell Phone

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It is easy to obtain a free cell phone if you are in need and earn a lower than average yearly income. To qualify for a free Obama phone, you can follow the below steps to receive one in the mail. If you earn an income that is under

How to Get Free Government Phones

Getting a free government phone is easy if you meet the income guidelines. Because of the economic downturn in the country as a whole, many Americans have been hit hard financially. The nation has been suffering as a result of the recession, leading to higher rates of poverty in