ATT Mobility Discounted Cell Phones

ATT Mobility Discounted Cell Phones

The Importance of Communication During a Disaster

The United States is no stranger to natural disasters. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, hurricanes, floods, landslides, and tornadoes are common in the country. This is why communication is very important, and it is used by a lot of people to contact their loved ones or to ask the rescuers for help. The Federal Communications Commission is instrumental in creating a program that would provide an affordable communication device to people who are living in disaster-prone areas, and since the program began, many people were saved from being a casualty of a deadly natural disaster. The warnings and all other information about the disaster are being sent through these devices, and the people can easily call for help if they need to. The program created by the Federal Communications Commission, called Lifeline, continues to become a lifesaver for many Americans who are living in the path of a natural disaster.

The Reason Why the Federal Communications Commission Initiated the Lifeline Program

When a natural disaster hits, people who are living far away from a population center might have difficulties reporting the extent of the damage brought by the event. Most of the time, these people do not have access to better communication devices because of the lack of money. To ensure that everyone will be able to purchase a device that will be used for communicating with the central government, the Federal Communications Commission decided to spearhead the Lifeline program. The less fortunate Americans are the ones who benefit from the program. It allows them to buy a device used for communication at a discounted price. Other forms of the program would provide monthly assistance on the services that will allow the user to communicate with others, like calls, text, or internet connection. Aside from its use during a disaster, the Lifeline program is also instrumental in providing the people a chance to find jobs online, which will help them, earn additional income.

How Lifeline  and ATT Mobility Works

Eligible Americans who have applied for the Lifeline program are entitled to receive a $9.25 monthly discount for their communication services. Subscribers who have signed up for a commercial services program, like ATT Mobility, will be entitled to receive discounts on their calls, text, or internet services. Despite the discounts that are provided to eligible Americans, there are also people who try to misinform the public about the program. The news about ATT free government phones is not accurate though, as the program is only giving the people a chance to have discounts for them to be able to buy a new set of cellphones.

Another advantage of being a part of the Lifeline program would be the choice whether the services that will be provided on the device is wired or wireless. The government wanted to make sure that every single household in the United States that is eligible for the program will be receiving their communications device. Most of the people who are benefiting from this program are from tribal lands and territories owned by the natives. They are the most vulnerable when a disaster hits, and it is important that they would have a device that is reliable whenever they need to call for help. That way, more people will be saved, and rescue could arrive at a particular location earlier than expected.

Who is Eligible for the Lifeline Program?

The Lifeline program is restricted to several states, and the people who are living in these states can apply for eligibility. ATT Mobility is one of the most popular providers for those who are in the program, and while people are looking forward to receiving ATT free government phones, the Federal Communications Commission keeps on informing the public that these phones are not for free but a heavily discounted price. AT&T provides a discounted phone for those who are living in the states of Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oregon, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. The state of Texas has already applied for the eligibility of their citizens, and the government is still looking at the application and they are trying to determine if the state should receive discounts. The minimum discount provided to the people who are from these states starts at $9.25, and the maximum amount provided by AT&T is at $23.99.

The Future of the Lifeline Program

The Federal Communications Commission keeps on reviewing the application of several states to be included in the program. Texas, for example, applied for eligibility, and it will soon be determined if they are qualified. The program will bring a lot of benefits for the people who are living in the state, and the program will keep on determining whether other states should be included in the list of eligible ones considering the threat of the natural disasters to their citizens.